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The MANE CHOICE Exotic Cool-Laid Shine Oil


6 ounces

 Refreshing COOL Scalp & Nourished LAID Hair

Exotic Cool-Laid, The HEALTHY “HAIR FOOD” Collection is infused with natural fruit extracts to nourish the hair and scalp with nutrients and natural water. The results: shinier, stronger, healthier hair & scalp! Add this conditioner to your regimen to experience maximum conditioning, softness, and fullness.

The key to healthy hair is a healthy scalp!


Melon: Rich in Lycopene & Amino Acids

Nectarine: Loaded with Vitamins & Minerals to Improve Shine & Elasticity


  • hydrating benefits of melon intensify hair’s natural shine
  • delectable nectarine enhances radiance & luster
  • fruit extracts protect & nourish hair
  • vitamin C helps to mend persistent dryness
  • amino acids help lock in lasting moisture & hydration
  • intensely revitalizes & restores hair’s vitality
  • lightweight & non-greasy formula

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